Clean Up® Directions for use

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Clean Up®
Directions for use
Rev. 2019-10-16
CE 0402

Scope of application and benefits

Clean Up® is a very effective aspirating system, when used correctly, greatly exceeding the efficiency of the conventional straw-type device. Clean Up® shall be installed to a unit which, apart from a common saliva suction device,  is equipped with an efficient high-speed suction connection that can evacuate 150 – 180 liters of aerosol/minute. Normal use of high-speed drill creates a spray of air, water, bacteria, pieces of amalgam, mercury vapor, carious dentin etc. Straw-type aspirators, with their limited field of suction, are not physically able to contain or prevent all of the potentially infectious aerosol and particulate from exiting the patient’s mouth, whereas the unique design of Clean Up®, providing a continuous aspirating of the work area, can capture and remove it all.


  1. Clean Up® handles come packed with 11 mm and 15-16 mm adapters. Select the proper size for your suction system.
    Press the selected adapter on the rear of the handle.
  2. Install a nozzle on the front of the handle by hooking it to the two pegs provided.
  3. Connect the completed Clean Up® assembly to the suction line.

Directions for use

Although at first glance, there does not appear to be any special considerations for proper use of Clean Up® clinical experience has demonstrated otherwise.  Because of the unique design and constant evacuation of the work area that is occurring during use, it is necessary that certain basic principles be adhered to in order to achieve optimum effectiveness. Place the nozzle around the tooth to be treated to make sure that it is tight to the gums. The tighter the fit, the greater efficiency. In pediatric applications this may require trimming the nozzle to give the proper tightness at the margin. There may also be situations where the amalgam is on the buccal or lingual side of the tooth and you are forced to angle the nozzle in order to have the desired access. In these situations, to prevent excessive leakage between the gum and the nozzle, you may need to seal the area between the nozzle and the gum with wax or impression material.

In order for Clean Up® to provide the proper evacuation of the work area, you have to start drilling so that the drill is closest to the suction inlet. In order to get the proper relationship between the drill and the suction flow, it may be necessary to turn, or reverse the handle assembly 180°. In most instances this is easily done because of the ability to change the swivel direction of the nozzle from left to right. It is of great importance of having a 90° drill bit angle to the nozzle-frame in order to achieve a proper evacuation. If drill bit is angled away from the direction of suction, the aerosol and debris will be thrown out of the nozzle box, greatly reducing aspiration effectiveness. You may have to slightly reduce the flow of cooling water if it splashes out of the nozzle box.
After treatment, dispose of the nozzle. The nozzle cannot effectively be sterilized and must not be reused.
Flush the handle and adaptor with clean water still connected to the suction line. Remove from the suction house and wash in a dishwasher and autoclave in 136°C maximum.


 Warning:  Do not reuse nozzle due to the risk of infection!

EC certificate:  CE 0402

    Here you can download the directions as PDF for printing.                  CE 0402